Brother PR6 Embroidery Machines Repairs & ServiceLisa Thomason

Brother PR6 Embroidery Machines Repairs & Service

Brother PR6 embroidery machines repair & service is something we take very seriously because we know it’s your livelihood. The longer your Brother PR670e, or any other PR model, is out of action so the chance of losing orders and money increases.

Brother PR600 embroidery machine repair at Bambers Manchester

The repair and service of your Brother PR model is something you should take seriously, too. Especially when it comes to choosing who to buy your Brother PR670e from. Forget whether the deal includes a free this or that or a free supply of Kit Kats. What is most important is what happens after you’ve spent your brass and you need some help. What happens if your embroidery machine breaks down and a big order looms?

Here at Bambers we know all about these issues. We have a regular stream of Brother PR embroidery machines coming into our workshop for repairs and service. The machine in the photo is an early model, a Brother PR600. Our customer booked us to collect the machine and then carry out a full service.

In this particular case because the customer bought the PR600 from us we were happy to provide a free loan of a PR655 when we collected their machine. Result – one happy customer who could carry on with their embroidery business. We offer a simple but genuine guarantee on our PR models, whether they are new or ex lease machines. 12 months cover which covers parts, labour and transport. We also offer the use of a free loan PR655 should we need to collect our customers machine for repairs or service and this is an on-going service that carries on after the initial 12 month guarantee period.

So let’s recap whats on offer from Bambers when you buy or lease a new PR655, this also applies if you buy one of our bargain ex lease PR’s.
12 Months Guarantee – covers parts, labour and transport.
On-going free tuition and advice.
Use of a free loan PR655 should we collect yours for repairs or service.
Speedy collection time – we have employed an extra member of staff for collections and returns.
Expert and conscientious repairs.

So wherever you are in mainland UK, if you’re in the market for a Brother PR670e embroidery machine, phone Bambers for expert and friendly advice on 0161 707 7786